A Simple Method for Moving Your Vandercook Press.

A few years ago I had to move my 1,200 pound Vandercook Sp20 press out of my husband’s warehouse and home to my barn. (It was the third time I would be moving this press.) The cost of a professional equipment mover was quite high but luckily I was able to enlist my friend, Alan Rutfeldt of the Excelsior Press Museum for help. Serendipitously Bill Dorney (a really strong guy who knows about moving equipment) was stopping by to see his wife, Barb, and he joined in with the move. They made a fabulous team and the move went smoothly. I decided as a public service I would publish the process for others who were in a similar predicament.

Step 1Press all ready for removal of rollers and securing the carriage. The wooden box on the right is the box I use to store the rollers during moves or for shipping for resurfacing.1PressinPlace

Step 2
: Place a jack under the press and insert wooden blocks under the legs. Careful, these presses are very top heavy and are easy to tip over.Jackunderpress


Step 3: Use metal rollers to move the press along the floor.rollers

Step 4Work the press up into the truck (or whatever you are using to transport the press) with a cinch. Again be sure to secure the press because the tipping over threat is even worse as the vehicle makes turns. Fortunately we only had to travel about 7 miles. moving



At the other end reverse the process and you are in business! It looks quick but it probably took about 4-5 hours to complete. Hopefully no more moves in the near future!

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